Since its inception, Blue Wigwam has aimed to rethink the ways in which external works and landscape schemes are designed and implemented on all levels, bringing new thinking and approaches to, biodiversity enhancements and community engagement. Whilst minimising projects carbon footprints.


Our highly trained and dedicated operatives backed by our passionate management team are always determined to deliver fantastic results. We have over 20 years landscaping experience, there are not many landscaping activities we haven’t done, and there is nothing we can’t do!


Our experience in construction, architecture and planning, coupled with our love for sustainability makes us the perfect developer for anybody looking to self-build an eco-house. We are always looking for ways that the construction industry can be made more sustainable.


Biotech is one of the most exciting fields of modern science. It involves refining cellulosic materials to replace oil-derived products. We are currently researching the production of base chemicals from cellulosic waste. And aim to create a sustainable product in the not too distant future.


We are adept at combining science and experience to successfully establish habitats. Our passion, ecological knowledge, and landscaping skill; result in great outcomes for our clients and wildlife. We hope that the habitats we create will help slow the rate of environmental degradation. 


Blue Wigwam is accomplished at providing ecological solutions. We don’t just provide ecological solutions as a tick box exercise for planning, we do our utmost to ensure the task is done to the highest standard.This results in the maximum positive benefits for British wildlife and happy clients!


Our operatives and managers are adept at hard & soft landscaping tasks. Having one contractor perform the hard and soft external works elements of a build, ultimately results in a superior product, delivered in less time, at a lower cost to the client.


At Blue Wigwam we are passionate about improving green infrastructure in cities across the UK. There is mounting evidence that good green infrastructure dramatically reduces a broad range of health and social related issues within communities.


Green infrastructure can be a daunting task for developers to tackle when faced with a confusing list of planning obligations and management plans. We provide complete design and build solutions allowing clients to concentrate on their primary construction tasks.