Our Directors at Blue Wigwam have spent the last fifteen years promoting; sustainability, ecology and the social benefits of green space, when designing and implementing external works projects. Long before the term “sustainability” became fashionable, we were thinking about how the schemes we were working on could be improved to reduce the material and energy use footprint, incorporate habitat creation and promote community usage.

The way we work today is governed by these principles, and our way of thinking and working has evolved as a result. From the 85% usage of reclaimed and recycled material that we introduced to the external works element of a £8 million urban regeneration project in Stoke-on-Trent, to planting civic trees in Manchester Town Centre.

Our design and build capabilities ensure there is no conflict between what is suggested by landscape architects and what can be practically delivered during construction. As a result, our clients can be confident that once they have chosen our external works design it will be implemented without issue.

We have over 20 years experience in hard and soft landscaping, with projects ranging from sensory paths at an NHS clinic in Crew, to quarry restoration works in Kent. There are very few landscaping activities we don’t have experience in.

Our unique pool of knowledge, in landscape architecture, construction, ecology and biotech result in harmonious solutions to external works projects and ultimately results in a far more effective and sustainable end product.

We are currently expanding our scope of works into the rapidly expanding biotech market. Technological advances hold the key to slowing the rapid rate of environmental degradation to this planet, Blue Wigwam aspire to be at the forefront of these exciting advances.

As well as having a gold standard when it comes to sustainability, Blue Wigwam takes pride in the services we provide. We will always;

  • Help our clients reach their objectives;
  • Always help the client make cost savings, not at the detriment to the project or the environment;
  • Provide high-quality aftercare and management;
  • Complete jobs to the highest spec;
  • Provide detailed feedback to the client both during and after projects;
  • Provide professional and accountable advice;
  • Always look to learn and improve what we do.